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Computer Security Tips Via McAfee Customer Support

Are you looking for some tips to protect your computer from viruses other than antivirus software? There are many ways to secure your device other than antivirus software which you can do yourself.

Before installing McAfee products in your device, the user can follow these simple tips for the safety of the system: 


  • If you have received an email from an unknown source which is marked as spam or suspicious then, don’t open the email attachments linked to it. As it may contain the virus containing files which may harm your system. Also, don’t click on website link it if contains any, as it may also direct you to a suspicious website which may ask you to enter your personal information.
  • Don’t ever open, download or execute any email attachments until it is sent from a trustworthy person. Stay on the safe side and make sure to open the attachment from known and trusted source.
  • Don’t open any attachment on your email if the subject line is questionable. If you find the attached document to be important then you can check it by saving to your hard drive.
  • Remove chain emails, Trash items, and spam emails from your account and don’t forward or reply to such messages. Spam emails may contain offensive content, and it may also contain and may be risky for your privacy.  
  • Try your best to avoid the non-web source altogether. The probability of downloading infected software from P2P, instant messaging and IRC channels are very high. Try not to obtain your software from these sources. 
  • Renew your anti-virus software. Virus may spread on your system at any time when you browse the internet and transfer files from one system to another. To make sure your safety, keep your antivirus software up-to-date.
  • Always make sure to back up your files. 
  • Update your computer, web browser and also email software on a regular basis.

There are several other ways also through which you can keep your system protected from unknown virus, threats, and malicious software. If you found your computer to be infected by viruses and malware then you shouldn’t be late to acquire help from McAfee Support Number +61-283173557 through which your problem will be rectified within minutes.

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